Yasum new Release Texas Heat Chaps


Well, I received this new release from Azlyn Vaher the designer of Yasum. And I was like…wow….


I got a whole Christina Aguilera dirty vibe from the chaps, so I went to an Urban sim and took some photo’s of these awesome chaps.


They also come with mesh garters, and the best part is, that a separate HUD has been made so you can choose different colors for the chaps and the garters, and even separate colors for the actual chaps. So, you can have one white and one black. The Yasum HUDs are always easy to use and very well laid out, and just as colorful as the actual clothes. She has also included the thong underwear you see me wearing. The various sizes of the chaps and the alpha layers make sure the fit is perfect, that way the skin is not poking through and the chaps do not move in a strange way. These are meant to go with the Cutie Babydoll top i blogged last week so i did a photo of the two together. All in all Yasum keep bringing out these amazing designs so people can add their own versatility to it.


To go and get these awesome chaps click the link HERE to be taken directly to her mainstore

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