KahliDesigns at We Love RolePlay – Amazing Releases


The fabulous We Love Roleplay event has begun once more. An opportunity to see some of the most amazing designs, clothes, weapons and accessories that Second Life has to offer. KahliDesigns is new in comparison to some other designer, but, their quality and care show themselves in the clothes.


I received the men and womens outfit that they are displaying at the We Love Roleplay Fair. The male is called Sentry Black and Brown and the women’s is called Vagabond. As I got it on my slave I decided to show both, I made it slavey by wearing the tunic, with the belt, and a thong. It looks really cute and I will probably wear it like this again and add a few more accessories.


I love the detail that KahliDesigns does, working hard to show what gorean attire would be, with a medieval twist. They are so versatile, each part is separate, with its own alpha layer, or a full alpha. For comparison, I am also showing the free woman version, which comes with the pants in brown and black, as well as of course, all the separate alpha layers, to mix and match and create your own look.



The male outfit is a twist on the Sentry and of course my Jarl was lucky enough to grab this amazing outfit.


The male outfits, to me, are among the best in gor. In a game where men wear hoodies and sneakers, KahliDesigns offer gorean attire, with versatility, detail, good looking, and affordable! Guys, seriously, this is the way to go to be a true gorean man.


The outfit is two toned with black and brown, very sombre colored, with detail and stitching around the chest. The belt is mesh and separate, so it will work on other outfits, but the detail on the buckle is exceptional. This comes with two belts, an upper and a lower belt, each in three sizes and in an unrigged so you can alter to your avatar. I love this, yet again they surprised us with amazingly simple and beautiful designs.


They have now also made the foray into jewelry, and offer this beautiful arm torc, with an intricate Celtic inspired design. There is no resizer script, which for me is better, as it makes it easier to edit. Both my Jarl and I tried it on and it looks beautiful on male and female alike. I really hope they expand now and do more jewelry if this first offering is anything to go by. For me, this beautiful pattern on a belt or even collar or a necklace would be stunning…yes, I am dropping hints!


To go to the We Love RolePlay Fair to grab these amazing outfits from KahliDesigns, please click HERE

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