Luas Gacha Carnival Release

With the new Gacha Carnival approaching, us bloggers are being given sneak previews at all the beautiful items that are going to be released. Luas has made some fantastic accessories for the Gacha, I was lucky enough to be sent some by her to blog, these are my favorite called the Redemption jewels


The rares are beautiful, coming in silver and gold with white and black feather like accessories. The set consists of a collar like necklace, skirt and upper arm bracelets



They all come with re-sizer scripts so you can enable them to fit perfectly and can move and attach elsewhere if needed. The detailing on the plate of the collar and skirt is very pretty, in both the silver and the gold colors.


Gor wise, it’s excellent for slaves and even panthers to use, with the feather detail and the slight ornateness about it. Free women wise, the collar necklace will look beautiful over an outfit, and the arm bracelet as well. Best part about them all being accessories and separate, you can pick and choose what to wear. 


I really look forward to seeing how these go, as they are really beautiful and should be popular.

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