Luas 30 Linden Sale! Rina, Helen and Nikita

Luas is offering some beautiful slave outfits for this weekends 30 linden sale. I had a few already, as she recently did a big sale, but one I didn’t I grabbed whilst I was there. I am doing the slave outfits, as I prefer them and have more fun with them, so I hope you like!


First Up is HELEN

This pretty slave outfit is in blue, it is alpha but still great. The top texture looks almost like a corset and the skirt is easily positioned for easy wear.



Also included is a leg band with a tankard attached which sits on the thigh and again has a resizer for easy adaptation.


Italso includes a coin girl chest necklace and bangles, which Luas nearly always supplies, the jewelry t go with the outfits. Well worth the thirty linden!

Next up is NIKITA



This outfit for some reason gets me in mind of Pocahontas, with the feathers and the jewels. Must just be me and my random tangent. This is a beautiful mesh outfit, with a tassled skirt, bra top and belt


Again an extensive array of accessories is included, as well as the belt there is also a large necklace, with beautiful feather detail, a headdress, bracelets and upper arm bracelets, once more with feathers coming off. They fit with the outfit so perfectly, but I have used the accessories elsewhere, after all that’s the point of them, to mix and match with other utfits to suit you.



The skirt comes in various sizes with an alpha layer also. As its tassled, the mesh tassle’s just really cling to the skin, so it flows better than alpha ones would as it does not go into the body. I would snap this one up for the accessories alone, but overall the outfit is really beautiful.

Last one up is RINA



Again a gorgeous mesh offering, this comes with a long flowing mesh skirt, in the five sizes with an alpha layer and tassled bra with the alpha layer also


Again it comes with the rope belt and a necklace. This one is perfect for slaves, so pretty with a beautiful texture and a mosaic like print added on.

Well worth the trip to Luas to snap up these bargains this week on the 30 linden sale. Take a teleport HERE to go directly to the store. 

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