Fantasy Gacha Sneak Peek – Little Bronze Slave


Now the fuller my inventory gets with gacha stuff the more I am stressing about how to organize it, after all I can’t wear it all at once…more the pity. So, one thing that caught my eye was this beautiful silk camisk by Ferocious. The one I am wearing it the rare version in bronze. I love it for it’s beautiful texture and elegant simplicity.


It comes with the five sizes and the alpha in a variety of colors, the Sweet and Sky are also very pretty. Also from their machine is the delicate little collar with an almost clover like leaf shape. It also has earrings, if you are so inclined to where them.


The circlet I am wearing is called Ghaaliyas Gems creme silver by GSpot. This is a common one but still so beautiful. The ear cuffs are also from G Spot, common called La Rie Cracked. Again GSpot are offering some amazing things in the release of this Gacha fair!


Another of my favorites from the Gacha is, of course, The Forge. This round they are offering cuffs, headbands and bracers to fill your collection. I am wearing here the Viking Bracers in Copper. Not bad for 50 linden and with amazing detail included.


The armor is another thing that caught my eye, this is on offer by May’s Soul. The Rares include feathers but the commons still look amazing. This is the copper version and it’s named Suala.


To get to the Gacha, click HERE! Remember the Gacha open on the 1′st October!

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