Luas New Release – Margaery


Luas has come up with an outstanding new release for gorean, medieval and game of thrones fans. When I first this, I was so taken about by how beautiful it is, the sheer array and accessories were outstanding.


The dress is made up of several sections. It is mainly mesh, I will begin with the upper vest armor. This flows along the shoulders, and down the front and also the back. It is designed to look like leather, and it decorated with intricate gold studded detail. It has an alpha to help it fit properly and because of the sizes it goes easily over other mesh without any “bumping into” each other so to speak. Very nicely detailed and very pretty also.


The skirt has a separate mesh layer and comes in the usual standard 5 sizes. The pattern is pure medieval, with a velvet looking color, red purple for example, drawn in to the black. No detail has been overlooked her either, as a soft faded pattern rests on them, just adding that final touch of medievalist.


The dress comes with all the accessories shown, which include arm bracers, tiara and shoulder guard which fit under the mesh. This is why Luas is good, you get the clothes and the accessories all of great quality all come with copy permissions so you can use them in other outfits.


To get these amazing dresses go to the inworld store HERE!


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