New Release By Soedara! Presenting Reshmaan Silk Camisk

Once more the beautiful Soedara has released a camisk for all the lovely slaves out there. This is named Reshmaan and is truly striking!


This camisk has so many options, I have attempted to show them all here. Marbella Pronovost was generous enough to give me the fat pack, containing all these beautiful colors, which I will list as I go along. I will start by saying that this mesh camisk, the base off, is beautiful well sculpted and the rigged flows well with no body popping through. This is another Soedara that requires no alpha layer and the sizes are very generous. My avatar wears a small and there is still room to grow!


The one pictured above is called Alluring Pink. Each camisk, the items in it enable you to be able to wear either as a short camisk or you can add the silks and make it longer as well. The silks are alpha but the actual camisk and most of the accessories are mesh.


The color shown here is Aqua. with the shorter silks. The silks also come in clean or dirty and there is even a HUD to change the intensity of the color.


The shade above is called Black Shadow. Also included is a mesh golden belt, which goes around the waist, these also come with or without silks. The variety of attachments is truly incredible.


This shade was the one that took my breath away, called Bronze Illuminati. The camisks even come in normal, slightly sheer and sheer. The options truly make it that you can personalise it, especially with the HUD the attachments and accessories.


This shade is called Iridescent Blue. There is even a belt that has two sections with beads on and this can also be controlled with a HUD.


This white shade is called Iridescent Pearl, very pretty and soft. I used the slightly sheer camisk for this, it adds a beautiful sexy feel while still covering everything. Camisks were used in gor, not because the slaves needed to be covered but because they highlighted the beauty of the slave, especially with all the bright color’s available.


Also included is the necklace, upper arm bracelets and anklets as well. All these are copy able and modifiable so you could copy and tint them if you wanted to, to add extras, or move them elsewhere on the body.


These are so pretty, they are a total must have for any slave, are ideal not just for GE but also BtB. Slaves garments are made with ease of removal, so these mesh camisk really stay true to what a gorean slave would wear and because this is Second Life we can modify and accessorize and bring the bling.

The main purpose of slave garments, of course, is not particularly to clothe the girl, for she need not even be clothed, as she is an animal, but to, as I have suggested, “set her off.”
{Guardsman of Gor}


This purple camisk is called the Iridescent Purple.

To get these beautiful camisks. including all the accessories, please click HERE to go to the Marketplace store or HERE to go to the store in world.

What I Am Wearing

Skin – Hush Tease In Cocoa – Marketplace or In World

Shape – My Own

Eyes – IKON Destiny Eyes in Maya – Marketplace or In World

Hair – LeLutka Bouffant in Browns – Marketplace or Inworld

Hands and Feet – Slink Casual Hand and Flat Barefeet – In World Only

Eyelashes and Eyeliner – WoW Skins Lashes and Liner 2013 – Marketplace or In World

Camisk and Accessories – Soedara Reshmaan Silk Camisk – Marketplace or In World

Had to share this song with you also, by a very underrated singer named Elkie Brooks!

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