New for the Fantasy Gacha – YASUM Viking Prayer Masks

Yasum has released some fantastic, amazing new items for Gacha. These face masks are truly exquisite with lots of high detail going into the mesh work. There is several available and as always Azlyn Vaher has included several sizes so you can fit your head no matter how big it is! I will show you each of the masks, so you can see the beautiful detailing on them for yourself. The Ultra Rares come with both options included, to have chains or to not have chains, that is the question! The rare ones have the face chains and the common have no face chain, but are all epically amazing! Please note, the below pictures are the Ultra rare and rare. The commons have no face chains on them.


The one above is called Rare called Africa.


The other rare one, is the one above named Conan.

Now, for the commons, which are still amazing and my actual preference, purely because I love facial chains on my avatar.


This mask, which happens to be my favorite out of all of them, is called Blood


The mask above here, which will be  agreat one for the guys is called Bull


This snake looking one is called Elb and I love the texture on it.


This mask is called Ice, has a great lighter texture on it. You can definitely see an African theme with these, but they look really awesome when on


This black mask with the gold accents is called Pitch.


And last but not least, is the self named Viking!

These will be another hit at the Gacha, with both men and women alike going for these, especially as they can be made into outfits as a final finishing touch. They are mesh, so will fit perfectly and you can see the mount of work that has gone into making these amazing pieces.

So, take the teleport HERE to go to the Gacha and grab these amazing headpieces for just 75 linden!

Fantasy Gacha Carnival Halloween

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