Black Bare

Simple but effective outfit from my Jarl. And not a pair of jeans, blazer or sneaker in sight!

Logan's Gorean Run


With the current rounds of Fantasy Gacha, We ❤ Role-Play! and Horrorfest 2013 close to an end, I have thrown together a quick outfit. Using black as a theme, here is a simple ensemble. I decided to leave the torso mostly bare and just add a few accessories.


The trousers and boots are well textured mesh, as we have come to expect from Triad at The Fallen. Here I am wearing the black. The fat pack includes the black and brown and also the brown and green versions, or each are available separately.  Using an item from the late Arcade Gacha, I have the chosen the Rare Shi fingerless gloves with the black strap option.


Again using a fur from PFC, I have the Hunter here in Coal. I thought it made a nice touch, adding to the dark ensemble, but still not making the whole outfit a plain…

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