Read All About It – Teritrope, The Forge and Ferocious!


Have you managed to get into the Gacha yet? if at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again! You will get in and remember it is going on for the whole month so if patience is a virtue you are lucky to possess then more power to you. if not, keep hitting teleport and you will get in! From the Gacha I am showing The Forge upper arm bracers, the voodoo collar by meshed up and matching circlet. Then we also have the beautiful laurel from Ferocious which is so adorably pretty! Teriotrope’s release for the 25L list for Tuesday completes the look. Song choice is one I just love, one of the most beautiful ever in my opinion anyway! 


She went to a table. I saw belongings of mine upon the table, doubtless fetched from Lydius.
“It was clear quite early,” she said, “that you were no common ruffian from the docks of Lydius.” She sifted golden tarn disks through her fingers. She drew forth the blade from the sheath. “I am told,” said she, “this is a finely tempered blade, keen, subtly balanced, the weapon of one who is of the warriors.”
“Perhaps,” I said.
Beasts of Gor – Book 12 – Page 143


What I Am Wearing Above

Skin – Belleza Ashley in Tan – Marketplace or Inworld

Shape – My Own

Eyes – IKON Horizon in Brown – Marketplace or inworld

Hair –  Milk High End Hippy in Browns – Marketplace or Inworld

Eyelashes – Crissy’s Irresistible Lashes – Marketplace or Inworld

The Hands and Feet – Slink Elegant Hand and Mid Barefeet– Marketplace or Inworld 

The Dress – [Teri]otrope Lauria Red – Available on the 25L List Inworld (4th February)

The Arm Bracers – The Forge Darkur Arm Guard – Available NOW at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival

The Laurel Headpiece – Ferocious Laurel Headpiece Green – Available NOW at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival

The Circlet and Necklace – Meshed Up Collar and Circlet Black – Available NOW at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival

The Pauldron – Sweet Poison Daphnaie Epaulette – Available NOW at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival

The Wrist Wraps – Dark prophet Designs Arm Wraps *Female* (Rare) – Available NOW at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival

The Face Paint – Katatonic War Paint White – Marketplace or Inworld

The Body Paint – Candy Cyanide Tribal 01 – Marketplace or Inworld


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