Everytime We Touch – Totally Top Shelf Items and my Fave Accessory


Finally able  to take a breather with my man and as he is also an official blogger for Totally Top Shelf we decided to use some of the amazing items and do a few poses together! Logan’s blog is Logan’s Gorean Run and his post is located HERE to see what he is wearing.


As this blog features both clothes and furniture there really is something for everyone. Logan is wearing accessories and some clothing he got, whilst I adored this dress from Caverna Obscura which seemed to go with the Romanesque/Grecian theme which has become such a big part of this event.


The furniture includes the rug, the jars and the couch. The animations for the couch include couples cuddles and erotic. The rug has the added extra of threesome poses(maybe I need to drag Candi from The Thrify Bondmaid blog onto the rug for spanks!). These are available in blue and red and also give items as well, such as grapes and drinking cups. Another item I fell in love with was this necklace and crown from Black Pearl. I just adore the detailing and beauty of it. I used very little else, these are such statement pieces you do not need to overdo the rest of the look, so I kept it simple with the sandals from on A Lark for Tales of Fantasy and the bottomless sandals from Static for Totally Top Shelf.


 What I Am Featuring Above

Skin – WoW Skins Rowena in Dark tan – Available from the Designer Circle Event

Shape – My Own

Eyes – IKON Horizon in Brown – Marketplace or inworld

The Hands and Feet – Slink Elegant Hand and High Barefeet – Marketplace or Inworld 

Eyelashes – Crissy’s Irresistible Lashes – Marketplace or Inworld

The Hair – Exile London to La in Dark browns – Available from The Arcade June Event

The Dress – Caverna Obscura Persephone Toga in Night – Marketplace or Inworld

The Sandals – On A Lark Bliss Sandals (Rare) – Available soon from the Tales of Fantasy Event

The Barefoot Sandals – [S] Static Barefoot Sandals in Black – Available from the 13th June at Totally Top Shelf

The Necklace and Crown – Black Pearl Gaia Necklace and Crown (Sold Separately) – Available from the 13th June at Totally Top Shelf

The Vase, Rug and Couch – Kei Spot Kei’s Dionysian Feasting Rug (red), Kei’s Dioynisian Feasting Amphora & Fan (red), Kei’s Dionysian Feasting Couch (red) – Available from the 13th June at Totally Top Shelf

The Grecian Columns – Frogstar Isidoros Crepidoma – Available from the 13th June at Totally Top Shelf

The Slave Tray – Kei Spot Kei’s Tavern Girl Tray – Marketplace or Inworld



_OAL_ Bliss Sandals RARE Black Frogstar - Isidoros Crepidoma Poster Kei's Dionysian Feasting Couch (red) - BoxedPIC Kei's Dionysian Feasting Rug (red) - BoxedPIC Kei's Dionysian Feasting Table & Amphora (red) - BoxedPIC

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