The End Of The Road – Thank You, To All My Readers, for now it’s Goodbye x

This is really hard for me to write actually…..

Two years ago I began a blog as a bit of fun and to showcase items in Second Life. Gradually it grew, I was lucky enough to get fantastic sponsors, be part of amazing events such as We Love Roleplay. The Fantasy Collective and The Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

Over the two years I have blogged for many talented and varied designers and I am really honored they trusted me with their creations, to blog them.

However, as time has gone on recently, it has become apparent I just do not have the time to dedicate to a blog anymore. I am very rarely in Second Life and as such have made a decision to stop blogging. My real life has taken turns I never expected, in fantastic ways, so I am looking upon this as a good thing, that I am concentrating on my real life adventure.

I have extended my thanks to the designers personally and the events I was in and hope, if I ever get the time and inclination to blog again, I might be reconsidered.

Much love and thanks to all my followers, my readers and anyone who ever took an interest in what I did. It means much more than you will ever know.

Follow your dreams………………….


2 thoughts on “The End Of The Road – Thank You, To All My Readers, for now it’s Goodbye x

  1. Hard to believe those 2 years came and went. It seems only recently you said you were going to start this blog. Many creative, amazing posts were showcased. The road ahead is a beautiful one. I love you ❤

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