The Designers I Blog For

I am an official blogger for Exalted by KahliDesigns, Yasum Designs, Cellar Door, On A Lark, Soedara, Sweet Poison, Luminary,  [Teri]otrope, Aisling, Les Encantades, Damned, Aii, Keystone, [Fetch], Distorted Dreams, The Scarlett Letter, [QE] Designs, La Petite Morte, Sax Shepherd, !Curvalicious, Bite and Claw and Luas.

Official blogger for the following events; The Fantasy Gacha Carnival, Genre, The Fantasy Room, The Countdown Room, Totally Top Shelf  and 30L Events for Bloggers

I blog other designers also, and picture the outfits on my flickr. If you wish to have any information about outfits I may wear in world or see something on my blog you want the information on, drop me a note card at KaciSandmoon Resident and I will respond as soon as I can.

I do take pictures, I might not be the most amazing you will ever see, but I take lot’s to offer variety on clothes and accessories. This way you see more than just the overall picture, you see the clothes in different positions, different poses and can better judge for yourself if it will work for your avatar! Any items sent to me will be reviewed before blogging, but I generally blog a lot of item’s that designers are generous enough to send to me.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and taking the time to have a look at my work.


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