Review Policy

First of all, thank you to all the creators and store owners who send us items to blog. If you wish to see something on my blog made by you, I have just a couple of things I follow.


Review copies go to the following people:

KaciSandmoon Resident ONLY – Female Items, Furniture

WILL blog the following:

hair, skin, clothes, accessories, poses, make-up, eyes, shoes, other cosmetics (lashes, freckles…), weapons and furniture. I will blog fantasy, medieval, urban or sci fi. As I play in gor, majority of my posts do reflect that, but I do blog for urban people as well!

I will NOT blog:

shapes, AO’s, anything copybotted or stolen, sims, ripped content or anything which I deem to against the linden labs terms of service.

Will my creation be criticized?

If I have any issues regarding items I will speak to you the designer/creator before blogging. If it can’t be resolved, then I won’t blog the item.

I made an item for an event, what happens?

I always link to the event SLURL (when available) and your marketplace store or inworld store if you are not on marketplace.

What if I am unhappy with the way you have blogged my items?

I would hope that would never be the case, but if you are just IM me or leave me an NC stating why you are unhappy and what improvements you would like to see and I will be happy to work with it. I accept constructive criticism as every blogger looks to do better.

Does every picture you do use photoshop or editing?

I make some artistic pictures, but I am not a photoshop expert at all, but yes, I do use photoshop on the artistic pictures. I now also do photos on a  white background displaying the outfit. Aside from the usual cropping and moving, these photo’s remain untouched and taken in StrawberrySingh Close Up environment setting.

Thanks for reading!

I can be contacted in world at

KaciSandmoon Resident

Or by Email at

Twitter: @KaciSandmoon

Offlines generally go to my email as well so I can pick them up from there.

One thought on “Review Policy

  1. I love your blog, as an avid blog reader, you have done your designers a huge favor for all the work you put into making the search for items easy and painless. There are few out there that make this such an ease. Thank you, keep up the great work, and the beautiful collections you design.

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